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I was asked by Eleriath to list some potential useful guides Alexstra, Sinopia, and myself have found.
Note: These are basic guides and are picked due to being a general consensus of what is currently considered correct. There is little information out yet so most of this is theorycrafting and based on what we know from the Korean version. All class skills are built around a comfortable pvp/pve experience. If you wish to focus in one over the other than you may wish to dig deeper into your class, or I'll try and post what I find.
Horse Taming Guide
Conversations and Amity Guide
Lvl 1-50 in 15 hours Google Doc
Database for quests and items
Wood Gathering around Calpheon
Lvl 50 Farming Spots

Very general class guides to use a framework for your own build. Note that skill points are based off being lvl 54 so you wont have all of your points for your abilities. Best to lvl up abilities that are your may source of dmg and survivability. If you are focused towards pvp or pve only, then prioritize those skills. Note: There are items that do not exist in our current version of BDO, The guide recommends the replacements for those. Grunil set also does not exist as of now. When gearing with a 3 piece of any set, find a 4th piece that offers a good primary stat.


There are a lot of other guides out there as well. Without using guides Ill try and answer a few questions I've seen in Guild Chat often.

Black Stone usage: It is safe to enhance weapons and offhands to +7 using Black Stone Weapons. Armor is safe to +5 using Black Stone Armors. Max lvls are currently +15. Favor your main hand to +15 before off hand as you get more benefit from the AP, and favor helmet and chest over gloves and shoes. Get all of them to the safe lvl first.

Unsafe Black Stone enhancements: After +7 (weapons) or +5 (armor) you get the option to enhance or force enhance. If you force you will guarentee a lvl up at the cost of more black stones and a greater loss to durability. Generally this is not recommended. You are often better off to gamble and do the normal enhancement. If you fail you will lose 5 durability from the item and gain a fail stack. Each Fail Stack adds a percentage point to the next attempts success, and caps out at 20 fail stacks for an additional 20 percent chance to succeed (your stacks can go higher than 20 fail stacks, but you will not gain increased benefits past 20). If you are at a high number of Fail Stacks focus on upgrading higher gear.

Durability: Your durability can go as low 20/20 before you are no longer allowed to enhance. In order to upgrade your durability you need to buy the same item as you are repairing. For weapons that should be a Yuria weapon. Go to a Blacksmith and choose repair max durability, then choose the second option. You will consume the normal Yurias weapon in exchange for +10 durability. With a Green item you will only pay this For Blue items you will also pay a fee (highly recommended you upgrade your gear to +15 and full durability before turning it blue). For legendary gear plan on using memory fragments for a +2 durability increase per fragment. Do not use them for green or blue items since the cost/reward value is not worth it.

Jewelry: You can also enhance your jewelry and belt by combing 2 identical pieces. If this succeeds you will get a higher quality item. For example if you combine 2 Bares Earrings (stats are 2-2 AP) and succeed you will get a 3-3 AP Earring (this will be titled as a PRI). If you fail however you will lose both items. This can be done in the same enhancement section as blackstones from your black spirit guide.

Guild Wars: If we are in a guild war than any opposing member is free to kill or be killed by outside of all safe zones with no penalty to experience, loss of gems, or karma. Guild wars cost silver to fund from the guild who initiated the war. As with other open world pvp the opposition will be flagged (red) and fair game to attack or defend against. You do not have to flag up (Control + C) to attack flagged or guild war opponents.

I will try and add more in depth videos and guides when I can, and answer whatever questions I can. For those who are more PvP focused I hope to get guides up on frame cancelling skills soon. Im currently testing it to understand better myself. Also I am looking to improve my PvP.

If interested so long as I am not currently doing something (quest or grinding) please message me for 1v1, 2v2, or 1v2 practice in the arena. You will lose nothing but health pots and we will increase in experience. Friendly pvp and just to get a better understanding of how and when to use skills and positioning.
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Thanks Dyyce, i really appreciate it all the knowleadge you share!
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