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#12229706 Apr 01, 2016 at 04:05 PM
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In the coming month, our inactives will be kicked when their contracts end, giving us extra room to recruit new faces. I've volunteered to spearhead our recruitment but it would be even better if the rest of us join, group with a random guy for a quest who doesn't have a guild? Ask him to join! Maybe shout out to the channels, ect. All the help we can get is for the better. Obviously we want people that contribute and play so I think a 35-45+ and being active is requirement, 14 day contracts 7k a day to start out with, to test the waters then a fresh renewal once the 14 days are up.

Hope to see us grow and thrive over the next month! Either way we're building a strong community I think :)

Thanks ~Kag
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