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[Pinned] Registration Bonus - Post Your Request

Since trading is oh so limited I only can really offer everyone some yummy BDO food. So, for everyone who has registered please let me know what you would like. I'll make you 20 of any type of food!
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General Discussion

Introduce Yourself!

Hey Everyone! I wanted to have a place where people could introduce themselves to the guild. I’ll kick things off.My name is Christina. I live in the Kansas City area and am married to a super awesome guy which most of you know by the name Pain. O...
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Guild Recruitment on BDO Forums

FYI - posted a recruitment in BDO forums.
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Connect All Cities and Towns for 56 CP

Direct link on imgurFrom this reddit thread
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General Discussion

Planning Guild Boss Scrolls

Currently I have the guild boss scrolls planned for Saturday nights. Please let us know if there is a better night for you and we'll try to plan it to try and get as many people for the summon.
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General Discussion

Easter Egg Locations

If anyone is interested in trying to get some more eggs before the event is up you there is a map that shows the locations under the media tab.You can also find a high res version on the source website HERE
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General Discussion

Starting our recruitment

In the coming month, our inactives will be kicked when their contracts end, giving us extra room to recruit new faces. I've volunteered to spearhead our recruitment but it would be even better if the rest of us join, group with a random guy for a ...
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General Discussion

Useful guides

I was asked by Eleriath to list some potential useful guides Alexstra, Sinopia, and myself have found.Note: These are basic guides and are picked due to being a general consensus of what is currently considered correct. There is little information...
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General Discussion

Full node map

I found a pretty useful map the other day. It's in korean but google can translate it for you :)
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General Discussion

[Tips]Storage in Calpheon per CP

Hello again, another of my reddit finds:Hoy to optimize CP vs storage space in calpheon.Ill add passage in the coments that was very helpfull too:Right next to (west for, it is literally touching Calpheon) there is a place called "Gabino Farm". Th...
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General Discussion

BDO Informative bible

BDO Bible
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General Discussion


Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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