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saya_AL / Apr 01, 2016

Happy April 1st! Though I initially had planned on getting this new up before today, it's been a busy week. For the record, I'm not very good at practical jokes so this information is legit. ContractsWe are now hitting the renewal contracts for me...

saya_AL / Mar 22, 2016

Hey Guys!I wanted to make it a point to post on here once a week about where we are going as a guild and any upcoming events that may be important to everyone. I strongly believe that communication and organization are going to be important moving...

saya_AL / Mar 20, 2016

Guild picture on top of the Calpheon Tower! Thanks everyone who came to take a picture. As part of a game event we will get XP points for the guild.More events to come soon!~Sayah Marie

saya_AL / Mar 04, 2016

Welcome everyone to our guild website. As the week progresses we will continue to expand on the website. Our ultimate goal is to have a place where guild events can be posted so we are able to build the guild up fast and dominate the server. IF yo...