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State of the Guild - Weekly Update

saya_AL / Apr 01, 2016
Happy April 1st! Though I initially had planned on getting this new up before today, it's been a busy week.

For the record, I'm not very good at practical jokes so this information is legit.


We are now hitting the renewal contracts for members. Everyone active in the guild at the time your contract comes up for renewal will be given another 30 day contract. We are providing raises to our members which is based off of your contribution and activity. The more you contribute the more of a raise you will get. Anyone maxed out at 1,000 contribution should expect 60,000 daily.

We are also going to be changing the contract length offered to new members. Instead of 30 days they will be offered a 14 day contract. By starting with a shorter contract it benefits both the guild and the new member. After the initial contract they will be offered a 30 day contract with a raise based off of their contribution.

As we reach the limit of our guild population we have also decided that we will remove players that have been inactive for over 15 days once their contract is up unless you have let us know you are going to be gone. If someone is going to be on vacation, or other circumstances that prevent you from playing we will not kick you out.

Website Registration

Thank you to everyone who has registered for the website. As a thank you I will be making everyone in-game food of your choice. So, if you want combat XP, profession XP, gathering speed, and so on I will make you 20 of whatever you want! Check the forums to place your order!

New Officers

We are promoting two more offers in addition to the promotion last night. This will allow for opportunities for more guild missions during the day as well as recruitment. The three new officers have already been a giant help to the guild so don't forget to congratulate them!

Calendar Updates

Over this weekend I will begin posting events on the website for the week to come. So make sure to check back on here often.

See you all in game!


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